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    Default How to remove hardware and eject USB safely in Win 8?

    A few days ago, I found that when I inserted in the U disk or the removable hard disk, and then click the small icon "remove hardware and eject USB safely" on the right corner, it didn't show U disk or removable hard disk, only "..." ellipsis. The most important is that I installed Windows 8 onto my computer. At the very beginning, it can show the characters about these disks and can not delete it. Now, no matter which kind of hard ware inserted, there is no response. I know that this is a troublesome case, so I already search after the solutions on Google many days. Unfortunetly, I did not find the right solution. Has anybody found a fix for this issue?

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    Default Re: How to remove hardware and eject USB safely in Win 8?


    It is not recommended to eject an internal drive. If you do, then restarting the computer will allow you to have access to it again.

    1. Make sure that anything that is being copied or saved to or from the storage device that you want to eject has finished.

    2. Click on the Safely Remove Hardware notification area icon, and click on the Eject drive option for the listed drive that you want to eject.

Thread: How to remove hardware and eject USB safely in Win 8? - Windows 8

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