I was discussing this in another thread, but thought that I'd bring it here for more exposure. What I'm thinking of doing is removing my DVD RW Drive & replacing it with my SSD, then placing my original HDD back to where it was for fast, easy storage. Here's what I looking at buying.

JacobsParts, Inc. - SATA Hard Drive Caddy to Optical CD Bay Adapter

The reason that I'd place my SSD where my DVD is, the heat generated my my OEM supplied HDD may cause too much heat there, the original place for it is vented.

As far as my DVD drive is concerned, I don't use it that much, but when I need it, I can access it with this.

SATA (slimSATA) to USB Cable , connect optical drive externally [slimSATA-USB-C07] - $26.95 : NewmodeUS, Hard Drive Caddys for Notebooks

Comes with a carrying case & everything needed. I see this as a better solution than one of those portable USB CD/DVD drives, which many doesn't even write to DVD, CD only. Many are reported to be flimsy also, especially those under $50.

At any rate, mine works perfectly, & the attachment above should be fine.

What do any of you think about this? Does it sound like a good setup or not? As far as any extra heat generated, which should be little, as the only component extra would be my SSD, which produces little, if any heat. I already have a Thermaltake Notebook Cooler, which I will place it on.

Later in the year, I plan to add a 23.5 to 24 inch Asus monitor, as I have a HDMI output, as well as a NVIDIA GT 425M GPU (1GB VRAM, DDR3). It will be more or less a makeshift desktop. I'll update my computer specs first chance I get, as I now believe that my notebook will be more suitable for Win 8 Pro's features, mainly Hyper-V, which I plan to make use of. It will install on there.