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    Default Windows 8.1 not utilizing NVIDIA Graphics Card


    I just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 8.1 64bit. After everything was complete, I noticed that windows is using the Microsoft Basic Display Driver... I went under device manager, and my NVIDIA GTX 765M is listed with no errors next to it, (location says PCI bus 1, device 0, function 0), the text says the device is working properly, however, when I go to the control panel I have no option to switch to the NVIDIA card from the basic display adapter... I've spent the last 5 hours troubleshooting this and researching forums with nothing working, am getting really annoyed!!! I'd rather not switch back to windows 7, but at this point if I can't get some clarification I guess I will have no other options..

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    Default Re: Windows 8.1 not utilizing NVIDIA Graphics Card

    Since you upgraded to 8.1, it's essentially a new OS, then you need to reinstall the GPU driver.

    What is the make/model of you PC/laptop or if a custom build make/model of mobo? Aha, seeing that your GPU is NVIDIA GTX 765M, this tells me it's a laptop. You can either go to your laptop support/driver download page or use Nvidia website. Here's the latest mobile driver for the series......

    NVIDIA DRIVERS GeForce 335.23 Driver WHQL

Thread: Windows 8.1 not utilizing NVIDIA Graphics Card - Windows 8

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