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    Default screen flickering while using video in full screen on dual screen setup


    I have a dual screen setup. my graphic card is a ASUS HD 7790 2GB OC card, my PC = haswell i7 4770k with 16GB ram. Asus software is running, gpu tweak is running but never changed anything.

    So I don't use the 'metro' interface. 2x acer S271HL so 2x 27" monitors, 1 with DVI and 1 with HDMI on the HD7790card. The settings are full hd and extended screen mode.
    So when I play a video in full screen on on screen and i go to let's say the internet on the other the screen starts to flicker... when i play that same video in window mode then i don't have any problems at all. I use VLC media player to play my video's. I have opengl acceleration on in vlc but even with that off its the same problem. (i had to have it on for playback problems with some MKV files)
    I just tried windows media player and at this moment still no problems (but I prefer vlc because of the codec support etc)

    Saw on the internet some people experienced the same problem but had no solution yet.

    Thanks for anyone looking in to this.

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    Default Re: screen flickering while using video in full screen on dual screen setup

    With out know the exact make and model of you HD 7790 GPU, my guess is your connections. Does the card have two DVI ports? If so, move the DVI connection to the other port. It is known that using an HDMI connection also uses the no. 1 DVI port....there on the same chip/block/controller.

    If your monitors have speakers built into them and their high quality/great sound then using the HDMI cable would be OK. If there are no speakers on the monitors then using the HDMI cable is useless. Both DVI/HDMI carry the 1080p signal only difference is that HDMI carries sound.

    If your like me and have a 2.1/5.1 speaker system, I just use 2 DVI cables for my 2 monitor setup.

Thread: screen flickering while using video in full screen on dual screen setup - Windows 8

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