A couple of days ago I connected an older HP 845c printer to my computer. The only drivers I had were from an XP disc that my friend gave me with the printer. I found windows 8 drivers from Windows Update Catalog. I installed the drivers and everything was fine.

The next morning I started up my PC and it wouldn't boot. I heard the normal beeps then the PC restarted on it own, heard the beeps again and it restarted again. After the third time I held in the power button to shut it down.

I unplugged the USB cable from the printer and started up the PC. It started fine and continued to work fine. Later that day I restarted and I was greeted with this message.

"1 AMD North Bridge, Rev B3

WARNING!!! The Previous Performance Of Overclocking Has Failed, And The System Is Restored To The DeFaults Setting.

Press Any Key To Setup."

After entering Setup and not noticing anything being changed and having never done overclocking I exited Setup without saving. The PC starts up fine and runs fine until I restart. That message comes back. I uninstalled the printer but still its comes back.

I'm not PC illiterate but the fear of damaging my PC has kept me out the BIOS for almost all of my experience with computers.

Is there a solution to this issue?

All help and questions are appreciated.