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    Default Win 8, Win 7 and Ubuntu 12 Mutli-Boot

    I received the Windows 8 $40 upgrade as an early Christmas present from a family member. I installed it just fine over my Windows 7 on my laptop, and it seems to work great and so far I like it. It didn't delete any of my documents which was great and I am getting used to the new feel.

    I have some questions though.

    My wife got this upgrade also and when she installed it dual partitioned hers and now she has a boot option for Win 7 or Win 8. I like that. I want to copy all my documents to another drive I have and make 3 partitions on my 600GB hard drive and put Win 7 on 1, Win 8 on 1 and Ubuntu 12 on 1 and have boot options for all 3. When I got my Windows 8 upgrade, I chose to put mine on a 4GB USB Flash drive and install from there. I also have Ubuntu 12 on a flash drive.

    I would like to do a HD format and completely fresh install because my home network was recently hit by a bad rootkit virus that propagated throughout out home network and although it seems we got it under control and disinfected (after sever days and several tools) my quad core laptop that used to be lightning fast is still so slow and sluggish that I suspect it is still infected. My wife and I also just moved our kid's computers to a different submask (the suspected source of the infection since my wife and I do not download a lot of software or do activity that would typically put us at risk for a rootkit). And yes I do realize that means nothing and we still could have been the original cause of the virus. I just wanted to point why I want to start out from a fresh install of all 3 OS.

    What are the steps I need to do to format my drive and install all 3 operating systems on my operating system?

    Thank you very much

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    Default Re: Win 8, Win 7 and Ubuntu 12 Mutli-Boot

    Others may know how to make an upgrade license install on a bare partition, I don't. However, if you made or can make (check Microsoft confirming email for link, if you did not) a recover/install DVD, now that you have installed it, I think, but am not certain, that you may be able to clean install of top of the windows8 you have. BEFORE doing anything like that, anything you do not have backed up off that drive, I recommend doing that FIRST. Supposing you have some OS as you like it, either windows (admin tools / computer management/disk management) or any number of Linux tools, could partition the drive. Any windows and most Linux will set up a multiboot. Be advised, neither is very good about getting you back to the bootmgr you prefer if multiple copies of the other family are installed on the same drive.

    In your case, the Ubuntu will be the odd one, so suggest you install it in a separate partition but without any bootmgr/multiboot feature. Also you will need a separate FAT32 partition a small one for the Linux kernel bootstrapper. I think it is usually called Linux.bin.

    There are some detailed directions for adding the Linux boot enrtry manually. How to Dual Boot Windows 7 and Linux using BCDEdit | iceflatline

    Once all is set, I remember that the style of the bootmgr varies, Win8 win7 Ubuntu all have an opinion. The master boot record must have the partition whose OS has the style you want set as the active partition, and it's OS and kernel loader set as default. There are any number of tools for doing that; A re-install of whichever one you like will do it too. BCDEDIT is the Microsoft default command line tool; easybcd is the GUI type windows boot editor I use myself, there are many of them.

    If you've done this before, you should be fine. If not, you may be pulling your hair out along the way; I was - but that is I think because most folks are not wanting to do that sort of thing, so the vendors have no particular reason to make a slick tool for such a purpose.

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