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    Default Win 10 Build 10122 Windows Update Now Available

    Anybody home????

    10122 is out... have fun!

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    Default Re: Win 10 Build 10122 Windows Update Now Available

    I'm (at) Home!
    And yes, 10122 works.
    I'm trying to live with it, al'natural. That is, just the way it came from MS, without the Classic Shell, which I MUST use for Windows 8.1.
    The return of a start button and the boot to desktop, is a big step in the right direction, now if they'd just give us the option of having a real programs menu, it might be a keeper.

    I'm just afraid that if I were forced to use Windows 10, as it is today, I'd have to break down and install the Classsic Shell. It's all about personal preference. After running Windows XP for almost 15 years, I've just gotten used to how easy it is to operate.

    Cheers Mates!

    PS: I do have a fix for the lack of a Programs Menu:
    I make a desktop folder called simply "Programs" and every time I install a new program I put a shortcut to it in my "Programs" folder. Voila!, a Programs Menu. (sort of).

    For the things I use every day, I'll just leave the shortcuts on the desktop.
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