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    Default What's your favorite Start menu alternative?

    What's your favorite Start menu alternative?
    Start menu toolbar
    7stacks version
    Start Menu 7

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    Default Re: What's your favorite Start menu alternative?

    I do not use a Start Menu alternative. Instead I placed several Toolbars on my Task bar. I started with Quick Launch which has my Shutdown/Restart/Log Off shortcuts, Control Panel and Windows Updates. Then I pinned WLM, IE 10 and Google Chrome along with an All Apps to the Taskbar. I then added a Links Toolbar which displays the Favorites Bar from IE 10, a Shortcuts Toolbar where I place shortcuts to all my most used apps, an Office Toolbar that contains Office apps and a Favorites Toolbar that points to my favorites folder. These various Toolbars all pop up when I point to the >> arrows on them to reveal the shortcuts as seen in my screen shot. I expanded the Shortcuts Toolbar to show what it looks like.

    Just Right Click the Taskbar, choose Toolbar, New Toolbar and point to any folder you wish to create. (I created the Shortcuts and Office folders ahead of time then just created the Toolbars by pointing to them using this procedure, easy)

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    Default Re: What's your favorite Start menu alternative?

    My own experience using two of the alternatives was that they mucked up windows. So after reformatting my Win-8 drive and starting over, I decided to go native. I found everything I wanted quick access to and either put shortcuts to it on my desktop or Task Bar.
    The desktop is a lot larger than that little Task Bar so it got most of the shortcuts.
    Then for just a little bit of continuity, I put my Quick Shutdown icon in the far left end of the Task Bar, where the START button used to be. Just one click, shuts down the PC in a safe and orderly manner.
    Not sleeping or hibernating but SHUT DOWN (OFF!).

    Then for max. safety, I shut off the power strip into which the computer, monitor, etc., is plugged into. So there is NO power on my system at all.

    Starting up my system in Win-8/CP is simple....First I unplug my XP drive and plug in my Win-8 drive, then I flip the one switch on my power strip and the whole system comes up.
    (I have it set that way)
    Then with a simple shortcut in the STARTUP Folder, which Ted posted, the OS goes right to the Classic Desktop and doesn't stop at the Metro screen. For us old timers, Metro pretty much sucks!
    Thank Goodness, I'm just testing Win-8/CP and not stuck running it as my main OS. My main OS remains, Windows XP-Pro-SP3. XP has been my main OS since I upgraded from Win-98, 12 years ago. I have it tweaked and tuned for maximum performance and it SCREEEEEEEEMS!

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    My present windows 8/CP desktop.

    Cheers Mates!

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