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    Default Wakeup Problem in Windows 8

    Hey, guys,

    I have been using the Hibernating function since I installed win 8 and this function has been wirking well. But recently, it often can not be waken up after Hibernating. After clicking the power key, the screen will show that Windows is under recovering. And then it will turn to blank screen and a cursor will blinking on top left corner. This status will last a long time, unless I mandatorily shutdown it. This phenomenon often comes up.

    Can you do me a favor to avoid it?

    Thank you a lot!

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    Default Re: Wakeup Problem in Windows 8


    Whether your computer can not be waken up after a long time hibernation of Windows 8? If so, it might be caused by the stopping fan of CPU caused by the long time hibernationg.

    Pls check the energy control setting of CPU in the fowllowing way:

    Boot your computer and press Del to enter CMOS, disable the Power Management Setup in CPU. And then Esc to exit. PressF10 and Y to save and modify as well as exitBIOS Setup.

Thread: Wakeup Problem in Windows 8 - Windows 8

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