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    Default Video card showing wrong amount of Memory?

    I have a Radeo HD 5450 512mb video card installed in my computer, but this morning I run a test on to see if I can run a game, it says my video card only has 243.1mb of video ram, and when I run dxdiag it says too. Why is it showing 243mb instead of 512mb? Really do not know what to do next with limited computer knowledge. waiting for some professional helps.

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    Default Re: Video card showing wrong amount of Memory?

    I highly doubt your graphic card is can try out different softwares to test the ram...

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    Default Re: Video card showing wrong amount of Memory?

    It actually DOES sound like you may have two 256 meg ram chips (or RAM banks) on that card and one is not working for some reason.

    I might try cleaning those ram chips (washing with alcohol) and then check with the manufacturer to see if they maybe have updated drivers for that card. Don't take drivers from any other source.

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    With many Video Cards, when you first boot up, the video make, model and ram will be displayed on your monitor for a few seconds. Check that.
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