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    Default Touch Screens for Desktops

    I stopped at Best Buy today to pickup my nephew and looked around a little. They had some Windows 7 desktops setup with touch screens on 22-24 inch monitors. What a huge collection of fingerprints and streaks. Why would anybody using a desktop want to use a touch screen? Maybe it would get rid of the carpel tunnel and replace it with bursitis in the shoulders and elbows instead.

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    Default Re: Touch Screens for Desktops

    I've seen a couple of the AIO type of PC's with those, Joe. The touch screen isn't for me. I have to clean my monitor once a week, no way would I want to go to daily cleaning.

    I checked out what you were stating about the elbows & shoulders, you're 100% correct. When I reach out as I'm going to touch my monitor, my shoulder, which is already eaten with arthritis, is very uncomfortable. If all OEM's would take this approach, my time on the computer would be very limited. Hopefully, this isn't going to happen for quite some time.

    However, it may be great for those at the workplace, especially for those who stands most of the day. When I get photos developed, there's a kiosk at a local Walgreen's, that's exactly what the whole process is, a touch screen for all functions. Being that I was sitting on a high stool, & it was close, it didn't bother me at all.

    But on my home computer? No, no & no. I prefer the keyboard/mouse combo that I've been using for years, & will continue to use them until they're totally unsupported. Actually, with Windows 8 CP, the many keyboard shortcuts (usually "Win + another key) makes for fast navigating. Ted posted these sometime back, so did Drew.


Thread: Touch Screens for Desktops - Windows 8


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