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    Wink Start menu irony

    Oft times I think about this & chuckle...

    Back in the day (teehee, yeah, right) when we, pretty much took it for granted OSs had Start menus & HAD to have them... we, also, had Quick Launch... anyway, way back then I had pretty much quit using the Start menu. Then 8.1 came along... well, it was catastrophic it had no Start menu... hmmm, what did I care, hadn't been using one, already, anyway. Enabling Desktop Toolbar all was fine, no Start menu, no biggie. Then Windows 10 comes along & it's SO, SO, wonderful that a Start menu has returned... let the trumpets blare & the choirs sing loudly to rejoice.


    Still use an Applications window (same as 8.1), pin couple items to the Taskbar, Taskbar Search, use the Jumplist w/ File Explore & all the items pinned to Quick Access (hmmm, Quick Launch) and end up hardly ever having need to or call to open Start menu... ironically, considering MUST have one, how rarely I have to look @ it. And, more irony, even w/out it or any 3rd Party alternative, everything is fast, efficient, direct & fingertip, 1 or 2 Click handy... and all via the Taskbar, alone.

    Win10 is just SOooo easy to navigate!


    I can't take a screen shot of it but, will try to articulate this....

    When using Multiple Desktops one may have several sites in maybe 4 or 5 Desktops. Hypothetically, all IE. Now, going to the IE Taskbar icon will show thumbnails of each site, pick any one. When there are too many to, still, show thumbnails, going to the IE icon will, still, show ALL; stacks up in a flyout list w/ site icons & tiles, pick any one.

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    Default Re: Start menu irony

    Yep. If I use it, it's task bar or some menu tree off desktop folder or I search it or I use a 3rd part TREE of start menu, I get to arrange it, or I File Explore until I find is a Start Menu anyway - is for people don't recognize power on button when seen/pressed?

Thread: Start menu irony - Windows 8


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