Here is the issue,.. it works except.... for the left side of the screen the icon turns from the starcraft mouse icon into the windows icon because the side of the screen is "live" meaning that I can't scroll left in the game without going to the top of the left side of the screen. annoying right?? I need a fix. I have tried running in windowed mode but it doesn't work well, requiring you to float near the screen edge... too risky i say when you have vicious zerg crawling at your door. The feature I've read is called "switcher" does anyone know how to disable it in general, or more better, yes... more better even still would be per application disabling.

please someone with more free time and or Sauvéy coolness and also less lazy then I find this answer for me and all of us humble nerds out there. Should you accomplish this task we will crown you "King Nerdicus" ruler of the dweebs. I pray your God speed, also hurry as I'm dying in 1v1 matches as we proverbially speak.