Hi everyone! I'm generally a mac user and I use what's called clamshell mode. I hook up my computer to the tv via hdmi and close the lid on my laptop. Then after I stick a usb drive in and pull it out I can open my laptop and type on the laptop keyboard with my laptop screen off and external monitor (tv) is on. Essentially I only want one screen on to save wear and tear on my computer. I don't need both screens on and it's distracting.

Now to my question. I'm buying 2 dell windows tablets (windows 7 and will upgrade to windows 8 after release) this week and they have hdmi outputs built in to connect to external monitor. I will have a wireless mouse and keyboard hooked up to my tablet (it is has bluetooth and the tablet is capable of connecting to these devices). What I need is to plug into the tablet, control with my keyboard and mouse and turn my tablet screen off while keeping my external monitor. Is this possible with windows 8? All of my macs have been able to do this and it's a necessity for my house. All of our media is watched via the computer.

I'm looking forward to switching to windows 8 from mac!!

Thank you all so much for any assistance!!!!!