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    Default Seems at least one user is dumping his Mac and iPad for a Windows 8 machine

    David Pierce, from The Verge:

    This is my next: Windows 8 | The VergeSome interesting statements:

    "I'll be switching because Windows 8 is the first desktop operating system that understands what a computer is supposed to do in 2012, and it’s at once more productive and more fun than any OS I’ve used before."

    I don't have to remember to sync, or transfer my files, or think about which device makes more sense for a certain place or situation. It's like playing with legos, assembling and disassembling different machines from the same parts depending on what I feel like that day."

    Using Windows 8 is like living in a house made out of internet. There's a browser, sure (and it's a good one despite being named Internet Explorer), but the whole OS is constantly changing and updating because its every fiber is connected to the internet. "

    he Start Screen is a brilliant innovation for desktop computers, a huge improvement on the folder-littered desktops on every other OS, which serve exactly no purpose except to show a background photo"

    Ultimately, that's what I love about Windows 8: without losing any power or capability, it added a ton of the features I love about my phone, from full-screen optimized apps to pretty interfaces to lots of glanceable content. I don't need to spend all my time bouncing between a dozen different apps, because so much information is already surfaced for me. Even the lock screen is more useful, showing messages or calendar events; Mountain Lion just shows me my picture and asks me for my password."

    If I were a Windows user, the upgrade would be a no-brainer. But I'm not already a Windows user, and I can't wait to get my hands on a Windows 8 device, toss my MacBook Air out a window (or at least into a closet), and finally start working with an OS that gets how we work in 2012."

    Just more food for thought. (From the Lounge)

    Just reinforces what we have been saying for a while now. When the time comes I will be replacing my Win 7 Ultimate OS with Win 8 Pro. (I will make a complete image first). Then once I have all my customizations done and all my apps installed, and everything is working as expected, I will delete the present Win 8 partition and include this space in my new Win 8 Pro partition. This will leave me with Win 8 Pro (C Drive) and Data (D Drive).

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    Default Re: Seems at least one user is dumping his Mac and iPad for a Windows 8 machine

    Fantastic! Hopefully, more will follow.

    Tim Cook is going to have his hands full trying to keep MacOS customers. Too costly, too buggy, & no choice. Did I fail to mention the huge battery life loss with the most recent Mountain Lion OS?

    Don't take my word for it, take it straight from Mac's customers, nearly 1,100 of them. They're not happy.

    As one disgruntled customer put it, perhaps Apple is setting the stage to sell a lot of batteries, no doubt there's a stockpile of them somewhere. The Apple Way is catching up with Mac owners, & there's no Steve Jobs around to keep them in line & fired up anymore.

    Perhaps Apple would be better served to stick to selling what they do best, overpriced gadgets & iPhones. I see it as a problem for the company, when many of their users wants to run Windows & MS Office on their computers. Those users would be better served to step to this side, & get what they pay for. For the price of Apple's entry level desktop ($1,200), the iMac, one can buy a well equipped Windows computer & have some left over for software.

    The truth does sometimes hurt, but it needs to be told.


Thread: Seems at least one user is dumping his Mac and iPad for a Windows 8 machine - Windows 8


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