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    Default Screen flickering tried many fixes none seem to work

    I just recently built a new PC and got windows 8 pro (64bit) and everything runs fine except I get screen flickering which is more noticeable/gets worse while in the start menu or while shutting down / restarting.
    Ive tried the following fixes;

    Changing refresh rate
    Updating drivers
    Re seating graphics card
    Re seating cables
    Reinstalling windows 8
    Went back to my old graphics card to see if my new one was bad, issue still occurred
    Moved anything that could be causing interference away from my monitor
    Moved my monitor power cable to a different socket
    Changing my power saving modes to off
    Running display drivers in compatibility mode for windows 7
    Reinstalling graphics drivers

    My monitor is only 1 year old and ran fine before I installed windows 8.
    The setup I'm currently using is;

    OS:Windows 8 pro (64 bit)
    Monitor: Acer x223w
    Graphics card: Evga GeForce GT 640 4GB DDR3 PCIe
    Motherboard: Asus M5A99X Evo R2.0
    CPU: AMD FX-8150 X8 3600MHZ 16MB 125W AM3+
    RAM: Kingston 8GB 1866MHz DDR3 CL9 DIMM Beast XMP 2x4
    PSU: Corsair Gaming Series 800w power supply

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    Default Re: Screen flickering tried many fixes none seem to work

    Hi "underabridge",

    Welcome to Windows 8 Forums.

    Have you checked if your graphics card is compatible with windows 8?

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    Default Re: Screen flickering tried many fixes none seem to work

    First of all check whether your graphics and video card drivers are compatible with windows 8 or not.If there is any compatibility issue then uninstall both of them and install them in compatibility mode of windows 7 or any other versions of windows. To do so, right click on the set up file of driver and go to properties.In properties ,you will see a drop down menu to select the compatibility mode so select the one according to your need and then install the same as Administrator.Otherwise download the latest driver and then install it in your windows 8 computer.It will fix your issue.
    If you are getting any error message then provide full information about the error message.We will help you in fixing your issue..Thanks for posting your issue here.

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    Default Re: Screen flickering tried many fixes none seem to work

    Issue wasn't a driver it ended up being the data cable from my graphics card to my monitor going bad, solved the issue when a buddy came over with his monitor and cables, ended up concluding that when I switched from my old graphics card to my new one the cable went bad. a $30 fix...

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