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    Default Remove not fully installed window 8 help?

    Ok i have downloaded the installer/ setup (.exe) file in the link but have second thoughts about it. so i clicked the little red "x" (close) and cancel the setup but the file still remain on my computer. I do not know how to completely remove it from my laptop. any suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Remove not fully installed window 8 help?

    Did you start the install or just downloaded the iso file? Where did you download the file? Go to where you downloaded the file and delete it.

    If you actually started the installation, then aborted it, did you follow our many recommendations and create a complete Image of your system before starting this aborted installation. If so, if something unexpected happens, this restoration will take you about 10 minutes. If not, who knows!

    For anyone contemplating doing this, please read the many posts in the Installation Forum about how to install a beta OS. This is a time limited testing OS only. In fact the next beta will be released in early June. The next beta, Win 8 RP, will require a Custom (Clean) install. Why would you wipe out a released, functional OS to install a beta OS that will deactivate in a few months. Does that make any sense to anyone. You will have to start over when the next release comes out.

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