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    Default How to upload your Avatar in the Forums?

    Dear all,

    This thread will give you step by step instruction on how to upload Avatar. Hope helps.

    Step 1: Login your registered name, then click "My Profile" button at the top right-hand corner.

    Step 2: Click here.

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    Step 3: Then you need choose "Edit Avatar" in My Settings.

    Attachment 204

    Step 4: Choose "Use Customer Avatar", then you can upload avatar form your cpmputer or enter the URL to the image on another website.

    Attachment 205

    Step 5: Save changes.

    Attachment 206

    Just feel free to contact me if you still can't upload your Avatar successfully.

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    Default Re: How to upload your Avatar in the Forums?

    Y'all will have to put up with my ugly mug as an Avatar. My wife thinks it's the best there is.

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    Default Re: How to upload your Avatar in the Forums?

    The "How to...." didn't work for me, initially, because none of the stuff below "0 Do not use an avatar" was even visible. So there was NO place for me to specify my own avatar.

    Then I went back the next day and there is was, just like on so many other forums.

    The old man with the crooked hat seemed to fit my screen name better than anything else I had in my picture cache.

    So today, I wanted to do a quick Edit to a post I had just completed, but there was no "Edit" button visible. Huh?
    EDIT: Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not! What up wit dat?


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