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    Angry How Do I Recover Windows 8 ??

    I got corrupt my newly installed windows 8 from a virus I thought and not even can reach till system restore point...Please help me as soon as possible...It sucks too hard..!!!

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    Default Re: How Do I Recover Windows 8 ??

    Did you create a recovery media (CD or USB)?

    If so, boot up from that media and do a system recovery from there (no guarantee to fix virus problem but give it a shot).
    If you don't have a recovey media or system recovery didn't fix the problem, you may need to reinstall again.
    System restore does not fix a virus problem. Virus resides deep into the system and reactivates itself again after restoration. System recovery cannot also guarantee to fix a virus problem depending on the type of infection.

    The best fix for virus infection (personally) is to wipe out the hard drive and do a clean install. I don't rely on virus removal tools. I know clean installation is a pain, but it's the surest way. Sometimes it takes longer to try to fix a problem than doing a clean install.

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    Default Re: How Do I Recover Windows 8 ??

    If another computer and media available, get a rootkit remover. The "off line' version of windows defender might work; there are quite a few one can try.

    The general idea: boot infested system from media not from hard drive; root kit load before anything to prevent malware can if loading from hard drive.

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    Hi Friend,
    Insert your Windows installation media and now go to PC settings and search for "Refresh Your PC" ... Click next ..
    Your Windows will refreshed which means that you are resetting your OS to the factory settings without removing Modern UI apps. It might take an hour(max). After refreshing, Download MalwareBytes Antimalware and scan for viruses.. If it finds anything remove it and install a good antivirus... I recommend avast! free antivirus

    Note : Your desktop apps such as chrome,photoshop or any other programs will be removed completely. Make sure you have the Drivers for your Windows 8.

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