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    Default How to add music files to music app?

    I installed Windows 8 consumer preview.
    Problem: When I go to the music app in the start screen it reports, "No music in your collection."
    Additional info which may be relevant: I have the os on an ssd. I linked the windows 8 'libraries' (including the music library) to my music collection on a SATA drive (Libraries-right click on 'Music'-properties-add-linked to "my music" on separate hard drive where old os (xp) is installed). And, when I click on an individual music file on the sata drive windows 8 does play it and display the info.

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    Default Re: How to add music files to music app?

    aubty, Welcome to our Lounge. We hope you enjoy yourself and return often.

    This is very similar to how I access my data files on my Data Partition from both Win 7 and Win 8 CP. This way whether I am working in In 8 CP (99% of the time right now) or Win 7, my data files (on the separate data partition) are synced between both OS's and are constantly updated by either OS, cool! This way I don't have to work separately to try to sync data files after the fact. It's already done.

Thread: How to add music files to music app? - Windows 8

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