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    Default Hard Disk Damage by Power Supply in Windows 8?

    Hi guys,

    One of my friends bought a new computer several days ago. Its configurations ae OK. But it often has some indiscrible problems. The track of the hard disk comes uo with problems after the computer works for a little while. And if he tries to start up some large scale software, it will stop working. Sometimes it will give him a blue screen or reboot without any reason. And when it is rebooted, he can hear the noise of the hard disk. So it might be the problem of the hard disk, and then he exchanges a new one. But the same problem always comes up several days later. At last, another friend told him that, it might me caused by the insufficient power supply to the hard disk.

    Is that true? Pls advise. BTW, he is using Win 8 OS.

    Thanks !

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    Default Re: Hard Disk Damage by Power Supply in Windows 8?

    It might be that there are two software conflicting with each other. Then check your computer memory with Windows 8 operating system. Then it's the power sullpy. The insufficient power supply will cause the overlaocking, leading to the blue screen. If this is the case, you have to bring your computer to the manufacturer to change another power supply.

Thread: Hard Disk Damage by Power Supply in Windows 8? - Windows 8

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