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    Default Computer Bootup Problem.

    Hey all,

    Here's the deal. I m currently running Windows 8 Ultimate x64 and wanted to run the windows experience assessment (the one with the scores 5.9-7.9). So i start it up and it proceeds to hang. I waited another few minutes but to no avail, so i canceled it. After canceling, that started to hang as well, so i had no choice but to force a restart. Now comes the problem. Before this, my computer would boot up normal, fairly quick and easy. Now after this force restart, when my computer shows the bios manufacturer screen with the typical option on the bottom for Bios, boot up menu, every other computer boot up, that screen hangs a little longer than usual. I thought that was no big deal, but now after the "starting windows" screen with the animation, and right before the welcome screen, the screen is black with no cursor for about a minute or longer. After a minute or so, then the welcome screen pops up, when before it would go right to the welcome screen after the "starting windows" screen was done.

    Anyone know what went wrong, and why my boot up is all screwed up? Ive tried system restore, but that didnt work. I also booted into safe mode, and that seemed to startup normally. I also uninstalled and reinstalled my video card drivers, but to no avail. I have no clue what happened, but it's really annoying, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Default Re: Computer Bootup Problem.


    troubleshooting to your Windows 8 computer bootup is necessary. you said that you got a black screen during boot. It maybe caused by the failure of of its selfcheck! While I'm not sure whether you got a warning sound. If you got one, it may be the problem of your hardware!

Thread: Computer Bootup Problem. - Windows 8

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