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    Default Building Windows 8 System Image

    Hey guys,

    For me, I love a clean, fresh install of Windows 8. Not coincidently, right after a fresh install is the best time to make a system image. This is because making a system image is just like taking a snap-shop of the entire drive.

    But I do not know how to create the Windows 8 system image. Any software can do me a favor?

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    Default Re: Building Windows 8 System Image

    Hi Images,

    Create the image in windows 8 step by step:
    Click on Start go to Getting Started and then select Back up your files.
    Next click on the Create a system image hyperlink.
    Decide where you want to save the image. You can choose an external drive, burn to multiple DVD’s, or store it on a network location.
    You can include other drives if you want as well but remember that will add to the size of the final image.
    At the confirmation screen notice the amount of space the image may take. If something doesn’t look right you can still go back from this point and make adjustments.
    A progress meter is displayed while the images is created and backed up. In this example a disk of about 15GB in size took under 20 minutes backed up to an external drive. Times will vary depending on your system and where you’re backing it up to.
    After the process is complete you get the option to create a system repair disc which you should do and make sure to save it in a secure location.
    When it comes time to restore the image, you will be able to use the System Recovery Options to get the system back.

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