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    Heather E Howe

    Angry accessing the apps with a domain admin account

    When I am logged in with our domain admin account I can not access the apps as I get a message saying
    This app can't open
    App Name can't be opened using the Built-in Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again.

    Up to Win7 I could use our domain account to access anything. Since it is a domain account why does windows 8 think it is a built-in account when it is not


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    Default Re: accessing the apps with a domain admin account

    Hi Heather E Howe,

    Welcome to Windows 8 Forums. I would suggest the methods as below:

    1. Try to disable/un-install your third antivirus program, certain antivirus Firewall block all metro apps to connect to the network.
    2. Metro apps won't start if the screen resolution is less than 1024x768, so check your screen resolution.
    3. Try to open by local account. Settings > Change PC Settings > Users > Switch to a local account

    A bit late. Hope that works.

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    Default Re: accessing the apps with a domain admin account

    I am not sure on this but I feel Store aps (Interface Formerly Known As Metro) probably need a account to be the user for them to be happy.

Thread: accessing the apps with a domain admin account - Windows 8


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