I hope that it stays that way! My notebook, I didn't want to upgrade, as there was no benefit in 8 from 7. It has enough power to handle either, & it's not even two years old. Just got a second hand monitor today (from a relative), now it displays in 1600 x 900 resolution. The NVIDIA card really makes it look good. I have that one the way I want it now.

This cheap desktop however, is the perfect type of candidate for Windows 8, as many of the low spec Windows 7 ones produced are. Windows 8 has always had exceptional power management features, even running CP from day one (02/29). While it doesn't make the hardware any better, it's smart built in capabilities does a good job of masking lower spec computers by bringing out the best of them. I've stated this from the first day that I've used 8 CP, & after installing it on several computers (that weren't mine) that were the same, I was convinced of this even more.

There are literally tens, if not hundreds of millions of these cheap computers on the market, that struggles to run 7. Most would run 8 perfectly fine, as long as there are no hardware issues. As well as have longer battery life (many are notebooks).