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    Default Re: Download Speed has reduced after installing W8

    I wonder if this thread might help with your problem? Does not seem so but perhaps.

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    Default Re: Download Speed has reduced after installing W8

    Quote Originally Posted by chris_bacque View Post
    Hi guys, wonder if you could offer your advice on something. Windows 8 is great, works fine and browsing is nice and fast. However, my download speed has reduced from like 1.5MB/s down to 400KB/s. Its not my ISP as I have checked with them, and its only after the Windows8 install. I've noticed that the Wi-Fi light on my laptop has been constantly on since the install, like its downloading in the background.. Whats going on, and how can I disable it from chugging away and stealing my bandwidth?


    I'm going all the way back to your original post, here, to further address your original problem.

    When something like processing speed or download speed changes, to the negative side, there's usually a very good reason for it. It's usually a matter of finding out 'What's Changed?".
    I've used both system Restore and a Backup Restore to go back to before something negative has happened, to restore proper operation. Maybe you can use that method yourself. Eh?

    EDIT: One other thing, that most users never take into account:
    Yes, Windows is considered to be a Multi-Tasking OS. That sounds like it can actually do two or more things at once. It can't!!!
    What it does is like a time-share condo. It Time-Shares. It will service one program for a few milliseconds and then another program for a few milliseconds, and so on. The time it can spend on any one program is reduced by the number of programs running at the same time and CPU usage goes up and so does the power usage and heating effect.

    You might say "well, I don't have but one program running". Oh? Really? What about the fifty or more Services and TSR's running in the background, that you never see. ??

    And, did you ever tell your OS how many cores are actually in your CPU, that you want the OS to use? MS has set that number to ONE (1) by default. It will stay at ONE till you change it.

    When Microsoft writes an OS, they have no idea what kind of a computer will be running that OS, so they build in SAFE DEFAULTS, so their OS will run on virtually ANY PC. And, it pretty well does.

    That's akin to "Ferrari" putting a 45mph governor on their cars, so they will be SAFE to drive on all kinds of roads. Safe yes, but not what the customer is looking for.

    So in setting up a new PC, lets say for Windows 7, The TechnoMage will set the number of CPU cores used, to the actual number present in the CPU chip.

    Many unnecessary Services will be set to either Manual or Disabled. This lessens the work load on the CPU.

    The registry will be edited (tweaked) to force the Windows Kernel to load into RAM on boot, to greatly speed up the functions of the OS. It is much faster to access in RAM than when it's sitting on the hard drive. Eh?

    All Demo's, Trials and Spyware will be deleted from the hard drive, along with programs that the user will never need or use. Famous Quote, "Minus crud is cool!"

    I also install, in the Startup folder, a cleanup batch file that deletes all temp files and TIF's on every boot-up.
    That keeps the load of garbage files on the hard drive, from taking over the HD.

    I serviced a Win-7 PC yesterday, that had been running for about 30 months, with no maintenance. The TIF's numbered into the tens of thousands. Misc junk files were 1680. The CPU cooling fan/heatsink was so full of dirt/dust that it was running at full speed most of the time. (Very noisy!)

    Spybot Search & Destroy had been installed, but the scan had never been run. There were over 100 pieces of Spyware on that PC. (every well known title).

    What I'm trying to say, is, "The proper setup of any PC, is very important, but so is the on-going maintenance. They both work together, for a very good running PC and a happy user.

    Cheers Mates! Happy Computing!

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Thread: Download Speed has reduced after installing W8 - Windows 8

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