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    Default The video on Youtube is lagging


    I used to be able to watch HD 1080p video fine on Youtube, with both Windows 7 and the Consumer Preview. But ever since I upgraded to Release, it just seems to lag and buffer constantly. I'm thinking it may be a problem with the driver, but I already updated it.

    Its a HP 2000 Notebook, Dual-Core AMD processor and AMD Radeon Graphics.

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    Default Re: The video on Youtube is lagging

    It might be a network connection issue. Please verify if your Internet connection becomes slow these days. Give it a go with another computer and see if YouTube buffering issue exists.

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    Default Re: The video on Youtube is lagging

    If your YouTube is slow, stuck or weird, and people tell you
    to either change or install stuff, DON'T TOUCH A THING.

    Please do not tinker with java scripts, firewall settings, flash
    players, activeX controls, antivirus utilities, pop-up blockers,
    browsers or registries - and definitely stay away from all the
    stupid add-ons, converters and/or downloaders that people
    here on Y!A are trying to sell you.

    None of those things will help you, because your computer
    and YouTube were working perfectly fine at one point, right?

    The first rule of thumb and best option should ALWAYS be:
    don't disable, erase, uninstall, separate, switch, download,
    alter, install, add or change anything. Doing those will only
    make matters worse for you.

    Every day, YouTube often shuts down many of their servers
    in order to update stuff. Be patient if your YouTube is stuck,
    slow or garbled. Transmissions from YouTube's computers
    to you are actually done in small chunks of "flash" at a time.
    That's why sometimes you may only see bits and pieces of
    either video, text, a blank screen and/or the spinning circle.
    Your problem may fix itself in a few hours or by the next day.

    If your YouTube continues to behave slow, stuck or strange,
    clear your "cache" of all "temporary internet files", "cookies"
    and "history. Things should run much smoother afterwards.

    If you're not sure how to do this, or if you want extra tips on
    how to make YouTube run even faster (all without having to
    buy or install anything), then click my avatar and email me.
    I will guide you through "cache" clearing plus my other tips
    in easy English with full explanations.

    Note 1: if you got Google Web Accelerator, dump it, burn it,
    trash it, disable it, uninstall it -- do everything you can to get
    as far away from it as possible (even though this contradicts
    my advice). GWA totally ruins YouTube. Simply clicking on
    "Don't Accelerate this Website" won't help you whatsoever.

    Note 2: in order for some videos to play smooth, sometimes
    both "flash" AND "shockwave" are required. Other than that,
    avoid YouTube's beta homepage and stay away from all the
    sales pitches that people here on Y!A are shilling, because
    their replies have nothing to do with your question, and their
    products will probably make your problems worse. Besides,
    what kind of boffo answer is: [my paraphrase] "Although you
    can't access or watch videos properly, get this downloader."

    Note 3: an unusual fix that once worked for me was altering
    the URL "www . youtube . com" to simply "youtube . com",
    (or you can even try "ca . youtube . com").

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