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    Isse Arif

    Unhappy Microsoft .net Framework 3.5?

    I tried to install coral x6 to my lap with windows 8.
    But a message pops up saying that Microsoft .net Framework 3.5 is needed.
    Since my laptop PC does not have an internet connection, I downloaded an offline installer and tried, however a message pops again saying to download Microsoft .net Framework 3.5.

    plz help me..
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    Default Re: microsoft net framework 3.5?

    I'm not sure you can get NET 3.5 with out an internet connection, since it comes straight from MS download site.

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    Default Re: microsoft net framework 3.5?

    All the dot-net Framework versions can be downloaded separately and held as a saved file, for future use.

    I have them all on my Utilities disk.

    However, there are limitations, about what version has to be installed before another version can be installed.
    It gets complicated and since I don't have all the details, I'm not ready to go there!

    I'd just put that laptop on the internet, (at least temporarily) and get all the Updates and even the latest Dot-Net Framework direct from Microsoft.
    Every laptop, today, comes with at least Wireless G capability, built in, and of course, LAN (wired) capability too.

    MS also has updates and revisions to many of the .net framework versions.

    Some things just were NEVER intended to be installed on a PC without an internet connection.

    Install Win-8, for instance, on a PC and the first thing it sets up is the internet connection and if possible it will go right on the internet and check for updates. That's weird, if you're not expecting it.!!

    Good Luck!
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Thread: Microsoft .net Framework 3.5? - Windows 8


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