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    Unhappy drivers for windows 8

    I wanna a software that can automatically identify my hardware drivers for Windows 8. Cause I have bought my computer for already three years, there is no driver that compatible with Windows 8, and I really don't know where to download the Windows 8 drivers for my laptop. Besides, I don't know what kind of hardware I have.

    I know there is a kind of software that helps users to download and install compatible drivers for Windows 8 or other Windows system. But I dont know what it is. is there any software for installing drivers for Windows 8?

    It is quite urgent, cause my laptop has no sound and video drivers.

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    Default Re: drivers for windows 8

    If you google it, you will get a lot of information. Then you can get the most suitable one for your windows 8.

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    Default Re: drivers for windows 8

    This kind of software doesn’t work in Windows 8 in this moment, download the driver for windows 7 and apply this steps:
    1. Download the driver setup file using the website from the companies
    2. Right click on the driver file.
    3. Click on Properties and then click on Compatibility tab.

    4. Change the compatibility to match the drivers/software that you are trying to install.
    If you cannot find Windows 8 drivers, then try using the Windows 7, Vista (or XP) 32-bit drivers, for Windows 8 32-bit or the Windows 7, Vista (or XP) 64-bit drivers for Windows 8 64-bit.

    5. Under the Privilege Level, put a check in the box Run this program as an administrator.

    6. Click on Apply and then OK.
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    Default Re: drivers for windows 8

    Hopefully, this will work for some hardware, but nothing seems to work for HP, as far as driver installation goes. Followed your instructions to the letter, it won't go.

    The box says "Your system doesn't meet the operation system requirements. Update has been cancelled. (9998)". I tried it in every configuration offered.

    But it probably will work with other brands, it's just that HP wants one to buy a new PC/other hardware with each release of Windows. No problem, I've had to update my desktop from non-HP sources after a year of use, the only one I got from HP was some LightScribe update that most never uses anyway.

    BTW, this is a very old thread (22 months to the day). Certainly there's newer ones that needs our attention.


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