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    Default Cannot install HPDeskjet 4500.

    My PC won't even recognize my printer but the HP Driver support can recognize just can't install it.

    I've installed,uninstalled, installed from HP. "enabled bidirectional support".

    I have gone to multiple sites for drivers but that doesn't help me with win8 compatability! Anyone here knows?

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    Default Re: Cannot install HPDeskjet 4500.

    Win 8 CP does not have a driver base that includes all devices available. This is a beta OS after all and is far from complete. It seems that HP is one of those manufacturers that is slow to support their devices with new OS's. You might try the Win 7 drivers.

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    Default Re: Cannot install HPDeskjet 4500.

    The printer driver pack for Win-8 is actually pretty impressive!

    The last time I installed W8, I turned on both of my EPSON printers and W8 picked up both of them without a whimper. My main printer, that I use every day, is an Epson Workforce 500, very much like that HP 4500. Only the drivers and software for the Epson are much nicer than those for the HP.
    And, last but not least, the ink is MUCH cheaper too.
    I pay as little as $6 per cart for Epson ink.

    When my customers start complaining about their HP printers I have a one-word fix for them....."EPSON".
    It works every time!

    Maybe by the time that Win-8 is finally released in the FULL Version, HP will have a driver for your printer.

    Good Luck,
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    Default Re: Cannot install HPDeskjet 4500.

    Download the driver for windows 7 and apply these steps.

    Try this Steps:
    1. Download the driver setup file using the website from the companies
    2. Right click on the driver file.
    3. Click on Properties and then click on Compatibility tab.
    4. Change the compatibility to match the drivers/software that you are trying to install.

    If you cannot find Windows 8 drivers, then try using the Windows 7, Vista (or XP) 32-bit drivers, for Windows 8 32-bit or the Windows 7, Vista (or XP) 64-bit drivers for Windows 8 64-bit.

    5. Under the Privilege Level, put a check in the box "Run this program as an administrator".

    6. Click on Apply and then OK.
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