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    Default Re: windows 8 release preview won't install to my ssd drive

    Crucial takes care of these compatibility issues for the user prior to shipment. If their Free scanner is used to determine what the computer has, & is capable of running, everything will be fine, 100% guaranteed. Or return shipping is on their dime, which is NOT the case with Newegg or many other etailers. Plus restocking fees, & even if one gets a DOA stick of RAM or SSD, return shipping is still on the customer, & must be insured for loss/damage in transit.

    Here was the guaranteed compatible SSD for my MSI notebook model, & it was just as promised.

    The RAM that I purchased for my desktop from Crucial in 2010 was not only twice as much (4GB DDR2), but faster RAM as well. HP simply stuck whatever they had extra in here, and out the door it went. They (HP) called it "Performance RAM". Bull!

    Here's the link to Crucial's downloadable scanner.

    Use the Crucial System Scanner software to find out what type of memory is in your computer

    The user's current RAM configuration will be shown, along with options, the "Recommended" ones are best to go with. Many computer owners has less than the maximum speed RAM installed by the OEM (or System Builder). There is a phone # to call for questions, as well as their own forum for solutions.

    I'd rather pay a few more dollars & things be right, rather than buy something on sale & then need to return it. No money is saved that way, if a return is necessary, it's in fact more expensive. Crucial also offers free shipping, it may say 7 to 10 days, but I had my SSD & RAM in 3 days after placing order. Had I paid for 3 day shipping, it would have been unnecessary & cost more.

    Where is the OP of this thread? We'd like to hear if our suggestions have made any difference.

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Thread: windows 8 release preview won't install to my ssd drive - Windows 8

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