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    Default Re: Belkin F5D8053 Ver.3

    I can only say that my Belkin adapter does not work with windows 8, in fact in causes a major type crash when I enter my code to link to the adapter. I have not found a cure but my TP 422G link works fine so I have ordered another 422 - not its upgrade for my other computer.


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    Default Re: Belkin F5D8053 Ver.3

    Sorry for that Luke. I guess some devices just are not going to be updated by their manufacturers.

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    Default Re: Belkin F5D8053 Ver.3

    I do have the adapter working now on my PC. Did use ancient which i had from the win7 installation.
    Belkin_f5d8053 v3011 v2.0.0.8.exe.
    I had to install the drivers and manually update (via properties) the driver pointing to the installed location.
    Not sure how stable it is (and i will likely buy a newer adapter soon), but connection to the internet is established.

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    My Belkin F5D8053 v3 works in Win8x64 and Win8x32 with the current Belkin Driver version 3 driver off the Belkin driver support web page.

    However, it only seems to connect at 54Mbps "G" speeds instead of faster "N" speeds, different speeds that it connected when I had WinXP loaded. Still plenty fast for my needs.
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    Default Re: SOLVED !!! Belkin F5D8053 Ver.3

    SOLVED with original Driver disc !!!

    Hi Party People had the same Problem and solved it with the original driver disc.
    You can use the file in the link to install the Drivers. The stick will have full Features and full Speed at Windows 8 64bit.
    So have fun...!dp01kYTJ!SapNzzx6lSieT2lJrRrbmnYWl9g6nv631kFgsoB XZj0"]!dp01kYTJ!SapNzzx6lSieT2lJrRrbmnYWl9g6nv631kFgsoB XZj0

    (sorry can not post links what a rule just copy and paste in browser)
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