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    William Weber

    Default Remote Device Won't Accept Connection

    Hello, we have a Windows 8 computer that has recently stopped connecting to the internet (Using Google Chrome and FireFox). It is connected to our wifi router, shows a strong connection, but when we open up our browser, it says it has no connection. We ran the Troubleshooter wizard, and it found that problem [Remove device won't accept the connection] but it cannot be resolved. We have tried:
    -Resetting the internet router/forgetting the network and reconnection.
    -Changed a few settings in the properties.
    -Restarting the computer.
    Any other ideas?

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    Default Re: Remote Device Won't Accept Connection

    At the risk, of sounding really dumb, I'm going to ask, , , do you have the Wireless Service set to Automatic?

    I was trying to resolve a Wireless connection problem on my own computer, last week and all of a sudden, like I heard a whisper in my ear, "is your Wireless support Service running?"
    Upon wasn't!

    After I set the Wireless Service to Automatic and rebooted my PC, I had full wireless connection.

    That may not be your problem at all, but that info may just help someone else.

    Happy 2014!


    PS: If you'll just Google that problem, you'll get MANY hits.
    Here's one I got when I did that:
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Thread: Remote Device Won't Accept Connection - Windows 8


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