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    Chengwah Carriedo

    Default Laptop keeps shutting down

    hi! i have a asus laptop n56v series with pre installed windows 8. apparently after months after it was first bought it keeps shutting down automatically. i have not set in control panel any settings for power saving. i dont know if it is a software issue or a hardware issue.hope someone could help.thanks.

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    Default Re: Laptop keeps shutting down

    If you've not set your preferences for power management, you should.
    Make sure to disable sleep, hibernate or shutdown when on Line Power. That makes no sense at all, when you're not running on battery power.

    I just finished working on a Dell laptop that was set up all wrong and would go to sleep after only five minutes, even when on Line Power. It was driving the owner crazy. It IS however a good idea to let the hard drive shut down after ten minutes of inactivity, because the HD does draw a lot of power and generates a lot of heat. I even do that on desktop PC's as well.

    So go into power management and disable sleep and hibernate, when on Line Power. See if that solves your shutdown issue. OK?

    Also, while you're at it, look at the air vents on the bottom of the Laptop, and make sure they are not blocked with dirt/dust.
    Never run a laptop on a cloth surface, but ONLY on a hard, Clean surface. Cloth of any kind, will be sucked up against the air intake vents and cause the laptop to overheat.
    A laptop should never be run on your lap. Go figure!

    Good Luck,
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    Default Re: Laptop keeps shutting down

    Don't forget that one reason of laptop shutting down by itself is CPU overheating. Have you looked at that possibility?

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    Chengwah Carriedo

    Default Re: Laptop keeps shutting down

    thank you guys. i will try to check your suggestions in my laptop. thank you all for your quick responses. =)

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    Default Re: Laptop keeps shutting down

    Is that you are getting a sudden blue screen before automatic shut down?

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