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    Default Laptop is crashing = :( BSOD + three different errors

    So my laptop (SONY Vaio, E series) started going a little bit slower today, and then after some time my Firefox crashed, I tried restarting it but it crashed a second time then all of a sudden my laptop just shut down. I tried turning it back on but it would get to the start up screen then restart from there. Sometimes it would load to the BSOD but whenever I tried to read the error it would very quickly crash and then start the process again. I've tried entering safe mode multiple times but am unable to get into it. I saw online to press and hold 'F2' so I did that and I was taken to the BSOD. BSOD stay up long enough for me to read the error. I did it a few times and got three different errors:


    Each time it would get to 100% and then crash immediately. I haven't installed any updates recently or downloaded anything. I also don't have a windows 8 disk/installation disk, I didn't get any disks with my laptop when I purchased it.


    Thanks in advance,

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    Default Re: Laptop is crashing = :( BSOD + three different errors


    Hi & welcome

    Did you purchase the laptop more than 1 year ago? Is it past warranty? If not, give it to Sony.

    From the info you have given it's a hardware failure or issue. These errors can be generated by a number of different casues... memory, GPU, motherboard, HDD & even, CPU or software & driver issues. I am familiar w/ the errors you listed and, still, researched them, as well. All point to, most likely, hardware issues being @ fault.

    Addressing the situation is often a process of elimination. Things like swapping out specific components but, 1st, you guessed it, re-install the OS. And since, the method for making the machine go into recovery isn't working AND you have no disc I can make this suggestion assuming we are past warranty...

    Call Sony & have them send you a Recovery Pack. It's the discs to re-install. Sorry, I don't know the exact price but, it is not a lot. If it will not successfully install the Recovery then, obviously, it, really, IS hardware caused.

    OR one can go trial-on-error w/ various components but, that's not viable for most End Users & means having a shop tackle it.

    They don't sell them w/ discs much anymore since they are intended to Recover from the Recovery partition but, it's not doing that for you which, takes us back to the Recovery Pack from Sony.

    Sorry, I can't be more specific but, do hope the above is of some help to you.

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Thread: Laptop is crashing = :( BSOD + three different errors - Windows 8

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