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    Angry Help needed Please.

    Hi ppl. can someone help me with this problem I have had two BSOD in two days.
    hers a link to my skydrive with the zipped up minidump files.

    cheers in advance.
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    Default Re: Help needed Please.

    22 views and no reply s, is there any tech-heads out there?

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    Default Re: Help needed Please.

    Well, I can't read your skydrive post. Sorry about that!

    But when you start getting BSOD's it's usually because of something you've downloaded that your computer doesn't like. So the first step would be go do a System Restore, to a day before the problem started.

    If I had your PC here on my repair bench, I'd first do a massive cleanup on the drive, getting rid of every program and file on your computer that is not needed. Sounds like you may have a Garbage Overload. That's typical of most computers today. Not nice, , ,but common.
    Recently I took 49 gig's of pure CRAP off of a customer's PC.

    So what have you done, so far?

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