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    Exclamation Display brightness crash?

    So I recently upgraded my HP DV6 to Windows 8 Pro and everything was working great until today when I installed Windows Media Center. After I did that it completely wiped my internet settings, all my personalizations and the most annoying part, I can't change my display brightness anymore. My FN keys don't do anything and when I go into the little settings panel on the charm bar and adjust the slider there it doesn't do anything. I've gone into the Power Options in the Control Panel and the adjust brightness slider is gone from there. I've tried uninstalling the Monitor adapter as someone recommended I do that then have it automatically install it. That didn't do anything. I tried to go into Recovery and just do a System Restore but I truthfully don't know how it happened but ALL of my restore points are gone. I have it set to create a new one everyday and to make one before any system changes are made. It even made one before it installed the Media Center. So I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. I can live with all my personal settings disappearing but having my brightness stuck at 100% and burning out my retinas I cannot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    This seems to be one of those strange problems that crop up with the Upgrade Installation. Always Custom (Clean) install from removable media.

    There is a link at the top of your email receipt from MS that will allow you to start over. You must choose Install from media, burn the DVD or flash drive and Custom Install from there. Then install Media Center and all you apps and enjoy Win 8 Pro.

Thread: Display brightness crash? - Windows 8

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