I've had this issue on my last 2 clean installs of Win 8 RP on my desktop, on 2 separate HDD's. Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but I'll add this in case it's needed.

First off, on both clean installs from known good media (it installed RP onto my notebook perfectly fine), it took at least 3 attempts to get RP installed. It went through the 1st phase of the install, loading the OS onto the HDD's, then at 74% completion each time, there was a BSOD. Something about IRQ NOT LESS OR EQUAL, there was one more, but I don't recall what it was. Finally, after 3 to 4 attempts, it would get past the 74% stage & install.

Also, & this has been an issue on both HDD's, the PC turns itself on sometime after I go to bed, because each morning, it's on. The PC is always shut down at night, not put to sleep, & I have no scheduled tasks to take place during this time anyway.

And if it matters, I've been experiencing partial computer freezing, like if I plug in a Flash drive, it takes some time to go through the files to get what I need. It hangs. It also does when browsing, normally I use Firefox, but it does the same with IE & Opera. If I allow it to set a few minutes, the page will eventually come up.

The things that I've done to resolve the issue are doing a disk check within Win 8, have also placed the HDD in a docking station & running chkdsk /r, both were clean. Have done Full scans with WD, MBAM, SAS, ESET Online Scanner, Kaspersky's AntiRootkit TDSS Killer. No infections of importance were reported, just an old download of CDBurnerXP that had Open Candy software was quarantined. Being that I no longer use it, I deleted it from quarantine.

This began after I noticed my SATA2 HDD's weren't performing to their fullest (a utility reported that they were running at ATA-100 speeds rather than their normal ATA-133), I loaded the BIOS to optimized defaults, which changed the HDD controller from IDE back to ACHI. The desktop shipped with it in the ACHI position, but I found it easy to install XP a couple of years back by simply changing this to IDE, rather than all of that NLite crap, which required drivers that I couldn't find. These XP installs are no longer on here, so IDE Mode isn't needed.

My Windows 7 & 1 Vista installs are running perfectly, all that was needed was a simple registry hack (some DWORD value) to convert back to ACHI mode, & Windows Update then delivered the AMD SATA controller, rebooted & they are running faster than before. One by one, I had to start these up in IDE Mode, do the registry change, reboot, switch the BIOS back to ACHI, then after another reboot, run Windows Update to get the SATA controller update, reboot & each was ready, all 5 of them.

After all, if it's not needed, why degrade performance by running in IDE Mode? But I don't know if that was the cause, or it's just a coincidence of timing. It's just that this wasn't happening with Win 8 CP or RP prior to then, don't know if there were updates/drivers released or what.

What used to be a simple 30 minute install is now taking up to 2 hours, and now these issues.