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    Lina A. Carrillo

    Default BSOD code 0xc0000139

    Hey guys and gals, after installing a Windows update I got a BSOD on my laptop, error code 0xc0000139. I have gotten this error before but have preciously attempted a system restore, which worked. This time it didn't, even though there are three options.

    I am unable to refresh my PC, as the disk is locked. I think this is because my laptop has a PCI SSD. It's got two drives and the SSD doesn't look like any other I have worked with.

    I have tried automatic repair, and this is the result:
    SrtTrail.text states the root cause: The operating system version is incompatible with startup repair.

    I have also attempted src scannow on CMD but it says that "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service". I found that I need to turn the windows module installer (or trusted installer) to manual, which I did, but still the same error.

    I'd really appreciate any help at all, thank you!!

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    Default Re: BSOD code 0xc0000139

    Did you happen to get this code after installing Bit Defender? Try running a virus scan in safe mode by pressing f8 and boot. If all else fails it is recommended by numerous sources to reset the BIOS to default. May I ask, are you getting the Blue Screen Of Death? Hope everything goes well! Let us know if or what fixed it. Good luck!

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    Default Re: BSOD code 0xc0000139


    You might try what is offered here. Use what is in the box to the right under the yellow Repair Guide.

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