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    Default Long Live Windows 7!

    HP is bringing Windows 7 back as an answer to declining PC market since Win 8 was released.

    More here: HP brings Windows 7 back 'due to popular demand' as buyers shun Windows 8- The Inquirer

    Good move?


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    Default Re: Long Live Windows 7!

    Yes, Good Move!!!

    On this and other forums (yes,there are others) many people have made it known that they either have already gone back to Windows 7 or they want to. And they come on the forums asking, " how can I go back to W-7."

    I put W-8.1 on my laptop and then I started running into little incompatibilities, etc.
    So it was easy to archive 8.1 and Restore W-7, from my backup archive. I always keep Ghost Backup copies of every OS I install, just for such an occasion.

    It's nice to know, that people who absolutely DO NOT want Windows 8 or 8.1, don't have to have it on a new PC, at least if that PC is an HP.

    So far I've not had to set up very many new PC's with Windows 8 on them, but in every case, I've installed the "Classic Shell" to make the PC acceptable to the new user.

    Long Live Windows 7!

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    Default Re: Long Live Windows 7!

    Although we can't deny that windows 8 is one reason for the dip in PC sales, another reason is the increase in production of mobile hardware (a.k.a. tablets/hybrids) which is the main reason for creating the Windows 8.

    I have a 10" Win 8.1 tablet, but I NEVER use the metro. Even though it is already a touchscreen tablet, it's still so much easier for me to navigate through the desktop environment. I didn't buy the tablet because of the Win 8. It's just because of portability. But I run the Win 8 like Win 7. I wish I could downgrade it to Win 7.

    Long Live Win 7!!!

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    Default Re: Long Live Windows 7!

    Frankly, I don't see any need or good reason, IMO. All the fuss & grumbling about the Windows 8.1 UI I find a bit silly. 1, because there is, really, nothing wrong w/ it & 2, because, IF, one does not care to use the Start screen or even the ALL Applications screen, one does not need to. Windows 8.1 is a superior OS than, even, 7 was/is. Myself, I live on the Desktop... to the point I don't even have to go to another screen to access anything. I liked 7 but, I sure have no liking to go back to it. I did occasionally go back to 7 when I was dual booting 8 & 7 and after using 8 for a while, the experience w/ 7 was not nearly as enjoyable, for me, as Windows 8.

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    Default Re: Long Live Windows 7!

    ive grown not to hate windows 8 as much.. as much

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