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    Default window freeze when using google chrome

    Let me explain what happens:

    Its more of a complete freeze than a crash, and I'm seeing this consistently after about 30-45 mins of usage. Does not seem to happen when Chrome is not running, and when it is running, the freeze almost always happens when the mouse cursor has the spinner displaying. At first, it is just the page that stops responding to input, and if I click around in a new tab, that stops responding after a few clicks as well, and then every window in the computer stops responding. The charms bar shows up, but again, doesn't do anything on mouse/keyboard input. The only way to recover is through the hardware reset button.

    I run the troubleshooter, it says everything is OK.

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    Default Re: window freeze when using google chrome

    Hello Jan,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I suggest uninstalling google chrome and re-installing it. If that does not help, get rid of chrome, I recommend Firefox.

Thread: window freeze when using google chrome - Windows 8

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