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Why we choose Windows 8 but not Windows 7

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by , 04-14-2011 at 01:34 AM (6255 Views)

1. Windows 8 and Windows 7 have many functions alike but Widows 8 is based on Windows 7, so Windows 8 must have more progress than Windows 7.

2. Windows 8 has a higher security. Every time Microsoft release a new system will improve security, so Windows 8 will be safer than the previous edition.

3. Windows 8 compatible with ARM. Microsoft want those products with ARM can use Windows 8 system, so the next vision will support ARM. This move not only can help Microsoft and its manufacturers, suppliers, but also give another option for users who want to use Windows 8 system. That definitely is a win-win strategy.

4. Microsoft is planning to bring out application store. If it is true, the future desktop will have applications.

5. One of the biggest problems of Windows system is taking a long time for startup; maybe Windows 8 will offer an Instant-on function in order to shorten the startup time.

6. Windows 8 is more suitable for table PC. Because Windows 8 compatible with ARM, and Microsoft is working on Windows 8 running better on table PC.

7. Windows 8 can optimize power consumption so that the life length of battery will improve a lot. This progress will benefit to the user’s PC.

8. The interface of Windows 7 is not only beautiful, but also practical. But we can tell from leaked screen shot of Windows 8 is more simplify and easier for user to operate.

9. Windows 8 might have a new function of History Vault. This function is similar with Apple’s Time Machine. It can recover separate files, edit old files and recover the files to a specific time-stamp. This function will save a lot of troubles for users.

Above reasons are enough for us to choose Windows 8 already. If Windows 8 system is release, I believe there are more good reasons for us to choose Windows 8.

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