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Windows 8 Update

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by , 12-06-2010 at 11:01 PM (3306 Views)

Windows 8 Update is a service provided by Microsoft that provides updates for the Microsoft windows 8 and its installed components, including its Internet Explorer and other Microsoft software running under windows, such as Microsoft Office, Windows Live applications and Microsoft Expression Studio, etc.

Of course, without exception all Microsoft operating system, are the same with Windows 8. If you have installed Windows 8 on your pc, Microsoft will help you to make sure you’ve got the most up-to-date Microsoft software for your pc. Through Windows 8 update, your computer will be more secure, reliable, compatible with devices and able to run new features.

With Win 8 Update, you can easily get the latest security updates to protect against malware and other potentially unwanted software, updates to windows features and get drivers from Microsoft partners. The most important is that improved reliability and performance is available. Windows 8 update needs to see what software and hardware are installed and which updates are needs.

In Windows 8, you can easily automatically update your pc. The easiest way to install updates is to use the windows updates service and make sure automatic updating is turned on. Of course, you can also updates your pc manually in Windows 8. Because windows updates is included in “Control Panel” and if you want to update your win 8( or if the windows update page does not open automatically), plz do the following:

Click “Start” button, then click “all programs” and the last step is to click “windows update".

Windows 8 has come up with a cloud-based feature and there is no doubt that cloud-based services will play a major role in Windows 8. It can not only prevent piracy (at least temporary) but also allowing instant system updates for some of the components. If you are new to Windows 8, you’d better establish a connection to Microsoft servers and download the most recent files to synchronize several key kernel directly from Microsoft cloud servers.

When it comes to security updates, Microsoft will release them on the second Tuesday of each month and security updates are released more often occasionally. Security updates eliminate vulnerability to known malware and security exploits. I will recommend you to save the Microsoft updating page as your bookmark so that you won’t miss any windows 8 updating imformation.

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