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Windows 8 Tune up

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by , 12-06-2010 at 12:53 AM (16093 Views)

Is there any Windows 8 Tune up software available? We all know that everything needs a tune up and there is no exception for windows 8 which has just been released by Microsoft. At present, I am looking for a tune up software which can keeps my pc running smoothly, and comes up with a noticeable boost in speed and performance. Before installing a tune up software, we can also tune up windows 8 to peak state following the below 7 ways.

1 Keep your pc up to date

The best and easiest way to protect your computer is to make sure you have update to the newset version of windows products such as Microsoft Office and Windows Live Essentials.

2 Performance

Then you should know how efficiently your pc is running and make sure the performance of your windows 8 have reached the peak. Your systemís processor, memory, graphic handling and hard drive are rated according to their performance. And you can see these information under your pcís hood. If you do not know the meaning of these numbers, you can post to me and I will try my best to help you.

3 CPU utilization

CPU, the Central Processing Unit in Windows 8, can also organizes the processors to help it keeping running smoothly. If you think your computer is running slow, you can check the performance tab in Windows Task Manager to see if the online game you are playing is taking more than its fair share of power. CPU is the heart of the computer and it contains all of the important components of computer like Motherboard, processor, Hard disk and CD-Rom. Every process in the computer is possible only through its CPU.

4 Check for virus, spyware, malware and trojan

At present, there are so many notorious virus, spyware, malware and trojon that the only way to keep our computer from infecting is to install a security software. Because those viruses always try to corrupt or modify files on our pc and they will cause great damage to our system security.

5 Clean up your hard drive

Do you like clean up your Windows 8 hard drive? A good clean up software will toss out those unneeded tempapary files and all the trash in your recycle bin, and many other bits that are no longer needed. Here, I will recommend a clean up software which has been running about three years on my pc and I am loving how sleek and quick operation it has been. It is Advanced System Care-ASC, which is the main product of Iobit. IObit, the leading system tune up company, always works hard to improve computer experience by optimizing and protecting Windows 8.

6 If you don't use it, uninstall it

The sixth way to tune up your computer is to uninstall those unneeded or never use programs in your system. There are so many unwanted programs running in the background whether you are using them or not that your pc running speed is more and more slowly. And they also take up disk space and memory. So if you do not need those programs, uninstall it without hesitation.

7 Hard drive defragment

In Windows 8, Disk Degragmenter can rearranges fragmented data, making your pc running more faster and operating more convenient. So occasionally defrag your hard drive is really necessay to do and you should bear in mind that your windows 8 is not a almighty.

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  1. lucifinil's Avatar
    For Windows 8 tune up, I recommend you to use IObit Advanced SystemCare.
  2. sophip's Avatar
    Through Windows 8 tune up, can I enjoy any other benefits?
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