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Windows 8 sleep mode

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by , 11-30-2010 at 09:06 PM (12061 Views)

Windows 8 sleep mode has came up with new features and I will present them for you in details. Microsoft has just released the newest operating system-Windows 8, whose sleep function has reached the ultimate and it also comes up with a variety models for us to choose. Here we will together study all Windows 8 variety sleep modes and diferent setting methods.

First, “sleep mode” for a short leave so that our computer can take a rest.

In our daily life, occasionally we need to leave for some time, long or short, such as lunch and dinner time, and these cases happen frequently. It’s just a storm in a teacup if we shutdown our computer because we have to reopen those programs and webpage when we back. But if we don’t shutdown, the computer is open for nothing except for electricity waste. And if we have some other things to delay, the time maybe one hour or two hours which is not fixed, it will waste more time. It's a bit dilemma and don’t know how to do? Actually this time you just need to enable the sleep function of Windows 8.

The only thing need to do is simply pressing the power button or waving the mouse if you want to wake up your computer which is in sleep mode and it will quickly restore to the anterior working state and continue to work. It is much faster than restart after the shutdown. In sleep mode, only your memory is charged with electricity so that your working state data won’t be lost. In the meantime, other hardware is power off with quite slow power consumption.

What is a “sleep”?

In Windows 8 sleep mode, computer will cut off all accessories’ power except for the memory and the data of working state will be stored in the memory so that when you wake up your computer, it will quickly recover to the antecedent working state.

The only thing needed to remind you is that the information which has not been saved will be lost if your computer gets a power failure in the sleep state, because they are not saved to the hard disk. Therefore, you’d better to save all the documents by “Ctrl + S” before entering the sleep mode, just in case.

Tips: There are two ways to enable the sleep mode: one is directly clicking the sleep button in the start menu, and the other one is setting time in the computer power manager. As long as the computer has no operations and has reached the set time, it will automatically go to sleep.

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