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Windows 8 Firewall Review

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by , 04-14-2011 at 10:30 PM (18068 Views)

As a windows 8 user, you first should know the overall Windows 8 system, especially the security knowledge—Windows 8 firewall.

A firewall is capable of protecting both individual computers and corporate networks from serious attacks that might arise from local network or Internet. It is effective in valuable resources protection of the computer hard disc from theft and misuse. A firewall is also capable to log all attempts to enter private network or an individual system. It alerts users once an unauthorized, suspicious or hostile entry is detected by your Windows 8 system. Some firewalls are capable of logging all outbound data traffic and prevent unauthorized access to resources present on other networks.

With firewall settings of Windows 8 operating system, data traffic could be control by opening and closing of ports.

On or off the firewall according to your need
Users are permitted to turn on or turn off the windows 8 firewall associated with Windows 8 Operating System. In case, you are planning to install a separate firewall software to your system loaded with Windows 8, you are strictly recommended to disable the existing firewall from your system.

Tips to setup Windows 8 firewall
You have to firstly log in administrator account. You would firstly click the Start button and from that, go to Control Panel. In that, you need to select the System and Security and after that, select Windows Firewall. When you click that, a new window would appear. In the left pane of the window, you have an option to turn on or off the firewall. There are some other settings also. If you need maximum security, you could check the box for the blocking all the incoming connections. You would also get notifications when the firewall would block any new program. You need to check the box for that. Advanced options allow users to set default settings.
Windows 8 firewall utilities:
Comprehensive support for Windows 8 firewall security.
Optimize your computer’s speed and performance.
Diagnosis & repair of your hardware issues.
Troubleshoot software errors.
Update drivers and security to protect against online threats.
Connect to Internet, devices and peripheralsHelp & Support

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