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Review of 10 Windows 8 Functions

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by , 05-02-2011 at 10:04 PM (41689 Views)

Recently, BusinessInsider in America selected out the top 10 rumors about Windows 8, and asserted that these ten windows 8 functions will upset Apple. Among those functions, compatible with the tablets is ranking first, and multi logon methods, outlay drivers, etc. are getting more and more attentions.

Though the fixed Windows 8 release date has not been published, the developers have got the original version of Windows 8 and dug out many potential functions from the codes, which have not be verified by Microsoft. However, those 10 new functions will make Apple feel restless.

These 10 rumors are as follows:

1. Windows 8 will be compatible with the tablets. This is the most expected function, which will support touch screen optimization and bring the Win 8 users more entire Windows experience.
2. Ending BSoD. Microsoft will cancel the disgustful BSod, while the screen will hint the users of Blue Screen of Death when the earlier version of Windows 8 crashes and needs reboot. But Whether the BSoD will not appear or not in the final windows 8 is still a myth.
3. Windows 8 Appstore similar to Mac. But recently, some evidences show that the screenshots of the Windows 8 Appstore are fake. But it does not mean Win 8 will certainly not to add such applications.
4. Logon with password by touching. Many phenomena show that windows 8 will be similar to Android to have the function of logon the system by touching. Users have to preset the password manually while not entering the password on the keyboard. If the Win 8 supports the tablets, this function will be strong enough.
5. Facial recognition logon. With this function, the users can log on the system easily through the camera.
6. Boot with outlay driver. Some media reported that users will use 16GB outlay driver (including USB driver) to up load windows 8 OS. Any computer can be used to up load the windows 8 professional.
7. Ribbon toolbar on Windows browser. Windows 8 may adopt the toolbar similar to the Ribbon Toolbar of Office 2007, for the computer files and guiding function optimization.
8. New logon interface similar to Windows Phone. Though it is similar to Windows Phone, but Win 8 will be more advanced.
9. New task manager will manage the application programs. It is said by the WinRumors that Windows 8 has added the new task manager, which will help the user to judge which app is taking up the RAM and CPU. And it is conducive for the users to close the app making the computer busy and extend the battery using time of the laptops.
10. Synchronization of online ID setting. Windows 8 can help the user to set online ID and save all the user settings, parameter choosing, website collection by the users, etc. in the cloud storage. Then the user can logon with any computer on Windows 8 operating system to use their familiar settings.

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  1. mike lonewolf's Avatar
    By reading that list, I think it would be better to call it Windows 7 SE
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