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Windows 8how to defragment the disk?

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by , 10-22-2011 at 01:54 AM (21820 Views)

In order to improve the speed of your computer, see this article, I feel good, come forward as retained.

First, we need to understand what is under the debris disk, we all know that our system is a way to manage files, each file on the disk, that is, we say that the hard disk, in our paper operation when, for example, under a few songs on your disk, then these songs are arranged one by one on the disk, but if you delete one of them, then these songs are arranged closely together, not the. If you frequent the files on disk storage, and delete operations, these gaps will more and more, this is the so-called debris disks, and disk fragmentation and more, our system run slow, then we The how to sort it on the disk?

We can select the disk, then right-click Properties, select the Disk Defragmenter, or right-click "My Computer" option management, in the selection of disk defragmentation program to sort out.

In computer use, due to frequent installation, remove the program, will lead to disk fragmentation. With the increasing fragmentation, not only will reduce system performance will be occupying valuable disk space. Therefore, the Disk Defragmenter has become our love machine on an important part of routine maintenance. Windows operating system comes with a disk defragmentation, Disk Defragmenter to run the specific operation is as follows:
(1) Click "Start" button, select "All Programs" | "Accessories" | "System Tools" | "Disk Defragmenter" command, open the "Disk Defragmenter" one of the dialog box, which "analysis" and "defrag" (2) In the dialog box shows the number of disk status and system information. Select a disk, click "Analyze" button, the system can analyze the need for disk defragmentation, and pop up the need for defragmentation "Disk Defragmenter" dialog box of two (3) In the dialog box Click the "View Report" button, pop-up "analysis report" dialog box, (4) The dialog box shows the disk volume label information and the most fragmented file information. Click the "Defragment" button to start Disk Defragmenter, the system will be a different color bar to show the extent and fragmented file defragmentation progress, as shown in Figure 4.10.
(5) After finishing, it will pop-up "Disk Defragmenter program" of the three dialog boxes, prompts the user to Disk Defragmenter program
Has been completed.
But the "snail"-like speed that most people stay away, so I chose a professional defragmentation tool is also very important, let's take a taste of what the PerfectDisk this "master" the charm of it!
Collate disk
And any one of the same disk defragmentation software, PerfectDisk is required before the defragging the disk analysis, and then analyzed the data according to the decision whether to proceed with defragmentation.
PerfectDisk Management Console on the first select a disk drive letter to be analyzed, and then click "Analyze" button to analyze the disk operation (Figure 1), after analysis, will pop up a more detailed " Statistics "window displays the results of data analysis. After analysis of the operation on the disk, we can view a file in a specific location on the disk, perform the "View / Find File", select the file you want to find the path can be determined after the disk in the PerfectDisk Management Console display area see a flashing disk icon, that is, the disk file location, and if not continuous flashing icon indicates that the file is fragmented existence.
If the disk shows more debris on the need to organize, and click the "Organize" button in the pop-up "sorting strategy selection" dialog box, select the "Smart Defrag" item, to determine after the operation can perform a disk defragmentation. If necessary, we can also double-click the drive letter before finishing in the implementation, the disk properties in the pop-up window of the "Smart Defrag" file to set the last modification time (Figure 2), in order to better organize disk operation.
Tips: 1, for the virtual memory page file and system files and other common, ordinary disk finishing operation is not carried out finishing, you can perform "finishing / finishing off" and select the file type, the re-start when offline collation. 2, do not want to perform for the finishing of the file or directory in the disk properties window of the "excluded file" option to select specific paths to exclude.
Regular implementation of the order
Carried out finishing operations disk friends all know, during the cleaning operation will take a lot of system resources, so we want to choose a good time to organize the disk, try to avoid the normal use periods, such as office machines can choose lunch break, household machines can operate at night. In order to achieve a reasonable, automated defragmentation, PerfectDisk we can use the Scheduled Tasks to schedule finishing plan. Click the "Scheduled Tasks" button pop-up wizard window, enter a project name, the "Next" and select the disk you want to defragment, and then need to select "organize your files online" and "off-line finishing file", "Next" and select finishing operation cycle and set the start time (Figure 3), and finally click "Finish" to add a scheduled task. Next, PerfectDisk will be conducted according to schedule disk defragmentation, and eliminating the hassle of manually each time.
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