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Spammers have found our forum

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by , 04-20-2012 at 08:23 PM (50486 Views)

Quote Originally Posted by Ted Myers View Post
I also removed a reported spam this morning. If anyone sees a spam this PM a moderator and we will remove the spam and permanently ban the spammer. We will NOT tolerate these individuals!!!

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  1. sunyekerry's Avatar
    everyone please be careful and watch out for spammers…..
  2. catilley1092's Avatar
    Still goes on to this day, have cleaned up nearly 20 pages since returning, in a fairly short time. They're not going to stop, but we can slow the bleeding.

    It also appears, that the most powerful tool that we have to keep spammers out, Spam-O-Matic, has been switiched off, or so has been for moderator use. It's my hope that this tool stays on, if not, the spamming situation is going to be a runaway train again.

    At least for now, if we ban & report the offending user to Stop Forum Spam, these reports helps to determine whom Spam-O-Matic denies registration. Keeping spammers off of the Forum is a task within itself, having spending 5-6 hours here per day. It would be devastating to the community if Spam-O-Matic were diasbled, the floodgates would be open to spammers.

    Had Spam-O-Matic been implemented in 2010, when the Forum began, this spamming issue would be a non-issue today.

  3. 's Avatar
    Updated 02-10-2015 at 05:15 PM by CommanerDriver
  4. 's Avatar
    spammer should be banned as early as possible
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