View Full Version : Another Reason to Hate Win8/IE10

09-02-2013, 06:59 AM
You likely have noticed that many Win8/IE10 Metro apps are "iffy" at best. For example, unless the app has a built in print feature there is no way to print what you are looking at (haven't a clue why my keyboard has a "print screen" button, it doesn't work). For this reason, if I want to do any work, I go to the Desktop where there is at least a vague attempt to emulate Win7/IE9. Here's the reason:

Microsoft treats Win8/IE10 like some sort of state secret and won't allow developers access to it before it is released to the public. Consequently, virtually every Metro app is a half-ass conglomeration of what did work on Win7/IE9 and what might work on Win8/IE10. Win8.1/IE11 won't be any better because, again, Microsoft won't release the code to developers prior to the October release date. (Win8.1/IE11 has been released to OEMs but, w/o functioning apps, I can't imagine anyone is going to go nuts over it.)

The reason Ballmer's bald is his head has been so far up his ass for so many years that his stomach acid has eaten all his hair.